What We Do: Engineer of Record

McCluskey Engineering Corporation (MEC) offers comprehensive services as an engineer of record on building projects of all sizes and types in the Midwest and nationwide. We pride ourselves on providing innovative and cost-effective designs that result in beautiful and buildable structures, no matter what unique engineering challenges the project presents. We are committed to creating a collaborative partnership with all project stakeholders, ensuring outstanding communication for a seamless blend of architecture and structural engineering every time. Read below for further information about our engineering services.

  • Structural Design & Engineering

    At McCluskey Engineering Corporation, our team of structural engineers excels in designing structures of all sizes and types. Example project types include educational, commercial, municipal, recreational, mixed-use, multifamily residential, and many others.

    We work closely with each project’s architecture team to identify the ideal building designs, configurations, and materials for the most structurally sound results possible within budget. Our experienced engineers are renowned for our ability to merge a project’s architectural intent with real-world practicality, creating designs that are straightforward to build with long-lasting quality.

  • Drawing & Document Preparation

    Our team recognizes the importance of precise and accurate structural documents and design drawings for every project’s success. That’s why we’re so rigorous and meticulous as we prepare all of our drawings and documents.

    Even the most skillfully designed and engineered structures—whether it’s a ground-up new construction or a renovation project—can’t be built properly without detailed, error-free documentation. We truly understand how to translate conceptual structural and architectural designs into actionable building projects that will progress smoothly from breaking ground to cutting the ribbon.

  • Structural Evaluation

    McCluskey Engineering Corporation also offers detailed structural analysis and evaluation of existing buildings. Whether it’s a small office, an apartment building, or a large industrial facility, we have the knowledge and experience needed to deliver excellence.

    When clients call on us for a structural evaluation, we promptly dispatch our expert field staff to their location. We’ll perform a safe, thorough structural condition assessment, noting all observed conditions and areas of distress. Using careful analysis, we work to determine the cause of any structural distress and recommend the most effective corrective action.

  • Consultation & Value Engineering

    The McCluskey Engineering team includes many highly qualified structural engineers with diverse backgrounds and experience. This enables us to deliver outstanding value for clients through consultation and value engineering.

    Our knowledge of structural design, material science, and construction is extensive and wide-ranging. No matter what the size or scope of the building or remodeling project, clients will gain significant value from our expertise. We excel in guiding clients through cost comparisons, value engineering, and building methods to ensure every project is as successful as possible.

  • Taking Responsibility

    As the project’s engineer of record, we’re assuming full responsibility for the structure that’s being built or remodeled. Everyone here at McCluskey Engineering Corporation takes this very seriously, from occupant safety to the client’s bottom line.

    We must be able to stand behind all of the work we do, both in terms of delivering a successful project for the client as well as the ongoing serviceability of the structures we engineer. Every structure we design receives the same level of care and consideration, resulting in building designs we’re proud to put our name on for the entire life of the facility.


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McCluskey Engineering Corporation is a renowned provider of engineer of record and precast engineering services based in Naperville, IL and serving clients throughout the Midwest and nationwide.

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