What We Do: Precast Engineering

At McCluskey Engineering Corporation (MEC), we’re proud to offer industry-leading engineering and drafting services for precast and prestressed concrete. In producing erection and fabrication drawings and complete construction documentation, we use technology and expertise to enhance accuracy, reduce lead-times, and improve the project’s overall quality. Our experience includes serving precast manufacturers across the Midwest and around the country, and we have developed an outstanding reputation for delivering the highest caliber of work. Read below for more information about our precast engineering services.

  • Fabrication Drawings

    Precast and prestressed concrete elements must be fabricated to very high standards of quality and precision to ensure proper appearance, function, and longevity. This requires detailed and accurate fabrication drawings.

    Our team uses the most advanced drafting and modeling software in the industry, including AutoCAD and Revit, to ensure all of our shop drawings are buildable and error-free. We also excel in communicating and coordinating directly with our partnered precasters. The result is the design, development, and production of premium precast components with long-lasting performance.

  • Erection Drawings

    Once precast and prestressed concrete elements are engineered and fabricated, they must be erected precisely to look and perform as intended. At McCluskey Engineering, we excel in setting field crews up for success.

    We have a full in-house team of precast drafting experts that’s capable of incorporating all preferred details hardware, reinforcing design, and drafting formats, as required. With our precast professionals each averaging more than 15 years of experience, we have the cutting-edge knowledge needed to create actionable erection drawings for the most successful outcomes.

  • Structural Engineering

    Using precast or prestressed concrete components enables architects and engineers to create buildings with unique aesthetics and layouts without sacrificing structural integrity. This makes it ideal for designing innovative structures.

    Creating successful projects using precast and prestressed elements also requires expert structural engineering for all of their mounting hardware, fixtures, and fittings, as well as the elements themselves. By considering the entire building as a cohesive system, our structural engineering specialists ensure a seamless appearance that will stand the test of time.

  • 3D Building Information Modeling

    McCluskey Engineering strives to stay at the leading edge of our industry, including using advanced Revit software to perform precise 3D building information modeling (BIM) to simulate all parts of a building’s structure and facade virtually.

    The ability to model every component and system within a building in a 3D virtual environment enables us to identify potential issues before they arise in the field and confirm the overall fit and function of every piece of the structure. Using 3D BIM, we’re able to serve our clients with improved accuracy, shorter lead times, and enhanced overall quality for any project.

  • Coordinated Construction Documents

    At McCluskey Engineering, we have experience with both design-build and design-assist functions. This diverse knowledge enables us to produce construction documents with greater coordination for faster project delivery.

    Our in-house team of precast engineering professionals understand exactly what information precast fabricators and erection crews in the field need to be successful and how to format and relay that information effectively. Using our knowledge, we help ensure all of our precast projects progress to completion as quickly, efficiently, and accurately as possible, every time.


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